“New Seasons / New Leaf is focused on providing fresh, healthy food and locally sourced options for our customers.  The Lizard team has been a partner with us during our rapid growth to 26 stores in Oregon, Washington, and Californa and a critical part of our food safety program.  In addition to having complete temperature data online from all the store’s retail cases and storage units, we have an audit trail of what action was taken in reaction to temperature events which required our teams attention.  The real-time nature of the system alerts our stores when there is a refrigeration failure day and night and has saved tens of thousands of dollars worth of product on multiple occasions. Lizard has continued to stand by there product, listen to our needs, and innovate to make our monitoring more intelligent over time.  Cost savings due to reduced product loss, allowing employees to focus on customers, and proactively repairing equipment more than pay for the system for us.  We appreciate their unique approach to making a difficult ‘last mile’ problem of monitoring all different types of cases seamless and easy and we are extremely pleased with our choice.  Clearly, this type of automation is changing food safety for the better, and Lizard Monitoring is the best system we have seen.”

Steve Kelly, Operations, New Seasons Market
“Clark’s Market relies on Lizard Monitoring to insure product temperature compliance at several retail locations in a wide geographic area. Food Safety is a top concern, so knowing our food is kept a at a safe temperature is very important to us. Also, Lizard Monitoring system calls the local management team to let us know if we have a problem before product spoilage can happen. Lizard Monitoring continues to surpass all our expectations and has paid for itself everywhere we have installed.”
Rob Colton, Food Safety, Clarks Markets
We’ve been using the Lizard system to monitor our food cases and remote containers to ensure that they remain within a controlled temperature range,” said Alex Beamer, owner of Life Source Natural Foods. “We were impressed with how easy it was to install and its simple interface. The ability of the system to alert us if temperatures are too high or too low helps us save product and money. The savings have more than paid for the cost of the system.
Alex Beamer, owner, LifeSource Natural Foods

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